Sunday, July 20, 2008

So I guess it is kind of big news . . .

After two weeks of being excited about our big news, I figured that it was time to tell everyone. No, we're not pregnant again. We have decided that the blessings that have come since we've been here in Texas are just too great to leave behind. Well, especially since two of those blessings are our sons. The other one is our house!!!!!!!! So, Loren is under contract to purchase a practice the first of October. He will then be the proud new owner of Community Chiropractic. Pretty cool, right? So if you haven't caught on, we're staying here in our beloved Lewisville, Texas. You know, I'm forgetting the things that I didn't like about Texas. In fact, let me tell you what I LOVE about our lives here.
*Our pool which we take the kids to is AMAZING! (I need to post some pics later) And, can I tell you? 90 degrees just doesn't feel as hot to me as it used to. Last summer I was pregnant . . . it seemed hotter then.
*We have also made some great friends, and have found our niche in the Ward Family, (I LOVE the women in our ward, some of my favorites are twice my age!)
*I love my church calling!! Being a R. S. Teacher is wonderful. I love to teach, and I love that I can call on people, by name, to make comments, because I KNOW them.
*I also love owning a home, (which may not have happened anywhere else!). I love that I have a sewing room. (Loren laughs when I call it that, because he says, "Isn't every room in the house your sewing room?") Sometimes.
*And, well, I have all the best fabric stores and factories here to succeed in my little business.

Thanks, Texas, for treating us well.


Erickson Family said...

That is fantastic news! Way cool. Texas is pretty cool and there is so much to do around here. Good food and shopping should have been on your list too!

By the way, I just noticed we have the same blog page - how funny! Great minds...

Jill said...

So glad you are staying! THat is wonderful news.

Thuh Daynuh's said...

Congrats, guys! We're just a tiny bit jealous. We miss it already!